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Seafood Importer, Producer for Retail


Mazzetta Company


Graphic Design


Packaging Design


Motion Graphics


August '19 – November '21

Mazzetta Company, LLC had effectively orchestrated the sourcing, harvesting, and processing of frozen seafood from global waters, developing a formidable reputation in the industry.

For Mazzetta, I was involved in a variety of projects that stretched from designing the packaging for Oishii Shrimp to featuring our collaborative artwork in the Cincinnati Magazine. This broad spectrum of work was meticulously crafted to elevate the marketing and sales of Mazzetta’s products across a diverse range of organizations, demonstrating a commitment to going above and beyond in promoting their offerings.

Full Package for Kroger, retail store, to showcase Mazzetta’s Lobster Meat products. We produced a 1-page ad in the Cincinnati Magazine and also created an in-store banner to showcase their products and it’s versatility.

Additionally, we designed some beautiful recipe cards that stuck to the overall branding we chose.

Seamazz, 16 oz, Atlantic Salmon Point of Sale

Spinning off the Seamazz Point of Sale, we created a Panera specific Point of Sale to assist in the sales pitches.



We filmed, edited and composited a TV spot for Mazzetta Company to be showcased at the National Restaurant Associate Show in Chicago, IL.