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August '19 – November '21

I initiated my partnership with Sour Strips in August 2019. From that point, I facilitated their growth from a modest following to nearly 250K adherents on social media, and supported them in achieving an impressive $10M in total sales. My contributions through inventive marketing campaigns, captivating print design, appealing retail displays, engaging social content, and distinctive packaging design, were instrumental to the success story that Sour Strips has become. As of now, Sour Strips is prominently displayed in high-profile stores such as Target across the United States, alongside Walmart, HEB, 7-Eleven, and other diverse locations, marking a substantial milestone in the Sour Strips journey.

Bag Designs


These were used for shipment to all retail stores. Simply rip open the box, tuck in the top flap and it’s ready to be placed on retail shelves across the country!

Website Graphics

Pop-up Graphic for Special Promotion

“Locate Us” Graphic Background



Promotional content was a key factor in the massive sellouts throughout the first several months between launching new flavors to restocking product. Out of 50+ promotional videos, we wanted to showcase our favorites!

Photos from the Brand